DuckDNS docker, or a simple cron to update?

  • Hi All,

    Watched Techno Dad Life's super easy video tutorial about duckdns on OMV, but just was thinking if I ever needed a docker for this, or can I just use a cron job to run every hour for a quick update...

    Isn't that more lightweight? Or am I missing out on some super features without the docker container for duckdns? ?(


  • IMHO using docker for running a simple task like updating a dynamic dns is overkill. I've used dyndns several years ago, and ran the updates via cron job.

    OMV 4.1 on Debian 10 @ HP Microserver gen8 [2x 256GB SSD ZFS mirror on root + 3x 8TB ZFS raidz1 pool]

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