Homeassistant Container has no access to mqtt broker

  • Hello,
    I just build a nas storage with my pi4, the harddrives will arrive soon. I followed technodadslife homeassistant tutorial and managed to install homeassistant. I also installed the mosquitto mqtt broker via the cli. The mqtt broker is running and listening on 1883, but homeassistant can’t access it.
    The only argument in the container settings is -p 8123:8123.
    Maybe someone can help.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hmmm. No responses to your request. It's a shame as I can't get MQTT to work properly either. The logs says it's listening on port 1883 but if I scan for open ports using FING on my phone, it doesn't list MQTT.

    I was wondering if I might have more success simply installing Mosquito as an app rather than a container. I've messed up my OMV installation once quite recently so I'm anxious not to repeat the experience.

    Anyone willing to share how they did it?


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