autoshutdown 5.0.2, always full ip range checked

  • Hi,

    I configured autoshutdown 5.0.2 to check only one IP address,, by putting just this single address into the GUI "IP range" field. However, the script always checks the full range ...; this is also the list in /tmp/autoshutdown/pinglist. If I delete that file, it is recreated. The /etc/autoshutdown.conf entry reads RANGE="" which looks good for me.

    A bug in creating the pinglist ? I tried to check /sbin/ on my own but :/ unfortunately I am not a bash enthusiast... that syntax is beyond my skills ?( , sorry.

    Regards, Wumpus


  • You could try to enter "4..4" in the IP range field. Then only this address should be checked.


    unfortunately not. After entering "" in the field, the entry in the confog file is correctly set to
    RANGE="", however the auto-generated pinglist still contains the full range 2...254.

    Regards, Wumpus

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