Time Machine (AFP) backup disaster. Can't figure out what went wrong

  • Hi all,

    Im new to OMV and most of NAS stuff but I decided to setup a Time Machine backup on OMV 4 using AFP. Overall easy process but 2 major hurdles. Im using a recent Mac laptop.

    1) Initial backup keeps stopping. I had to force backup to start about 20x before it completed (120GB)
    2) After completing the initial backup, I started clearing space on the laptop thinking my data is safe and 24 hours later when I tried accessing the backup it was saying that resource is unavailable so I restarted the laptop, only to find out that the initial backup has been DELETED and a new initial backup has started.

    Can someone with more experience please make a comment about this?


  • Looks like OMV can't be used with timemachine.
    Trying to setup new time machine destination after i moved from xpenology to OMV and i can't even connect to backup destination. OSX calatina, latest omv 4.x

    Nov 1 13:40:33 omv afpd[9799]: Login by tmvlad (AFP3.4)
    Nov 1 13:40:33 omv afpd[9799]: AFP logout by tmvlad
    Nov 1 13:40:33 omv afpd[9799]: dsi_stream_read: len:0, unexpected EOF
    Nov 1 13:40:33 omv afpd[9799]: afp_over_dsi: client logged out, terminating DSI session
    Nov 1 13:40:33 omv afpd[9799]: AFP statistics: 0.60 KB read, 0.47 KB written

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