Transmission - Access denied

  • Hi,

    I've been successfully running OMV 4.x on an Odroid-HC2 SBC for several months now after previously fiddling with RPi setups. I've got some plugins installed, one of them being Transmission BT. That was running just fine, up until a couple of weeks ago that suddenly stopped, without a clear reason why. When adding a new torrent file, after initiation the download stops and produces an error about 'permission denied', see attached screenshots.

    Initially, it was working in a different destination folder than shown in the screenshots. But in troubleshooting the error, I created a new shared folder 'Torrent' @root fs just to prevent simple ACL mistakes. Current ACL's are also in the screenshots.

    I've already uninstalled Transmissionbt entirely, reinstalled and reconfigured (reboots in between) but that doesn't seem to help. As far as the Transmission manual goes, ACL's should be fine I guess (granting debian-transmission group RWE permissions). I'm running a fairly simple setup ACL wise; I'm virtually the only user of the NAS (home) let alone the /Torrent shared folder. Running the latest 4.x OMV build (updates weekly, even this morning).

    Any idea's what could be the problem?

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