Upgrading to Raspberry Pi 4

  • I have openmediavault 4 installed on a raspberry pi 3, and this maybe a silly question, but if I wanted to upgrade to a raspberry pi 4, can I just shutdown, move the sd card over to the 4, then start it up? If not is this migration possible in another way?

  • Oh ok, is there a good method for copying configuration over? I have seen old threads that said to use /etc/openmediavault/config.xml as a guide, and reconfigure by hand. Is this still the preferred method, or is there a more automated way?

    Thanks for the help!

  • Yeah, that makes sense, but is there a better way to handle reconfiguring settings / plugins? Or should I just plan on doing it by hand?

  • I have open media vault 4 installed on a raspberry pi 3b. i use it for nas. It has 2 hard drive connected. Both of the hard drives format are ext4. I just bought raspberry pi 4b. Now i want to use the omv on pi 4. My question is if i shutdown the pi 3b and remove the hard drives and connect it ar pi 4 and mount it. Will it work? Meaning do i have to format the hard drive again during mount process. I have lots of files in both of the hard drives.

  • Thanks for your help. I am facing a new problems right now. The problem is I can access those file but can not transfer the files and also i was running plex server on my pi 3. There are some unwanted folder/files is there i do not want that on my hard drive. How to solve those problem can anyone please help me out .


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