Access Libresonic externally

  • i have libresonic setup in docker. i can access with internal ip but cant access with external ip. are there any how to's for this setup? i have nextcloud and letsencrypt setup and running.

  • I've wondered this myself but haven't had the opportunity to really look into trying to set it up. You could (in theory) just forward your Libresonic port in your router to your NAS, but it would be unsecured just using port forwarding.

  • Setup Libresonic and join it in the docker network of letsencrypt (via network tab of docker gui).
    Then open ssh session and go to cd appdata/letsencrypt/nginx/proxy-confs/ then nano libresonic.subdomain.conf enter this:

    then you have to add the subdomain "libresonic" to your letsencrypt container and restart it. Also for this to work your libresonic container needs to be named libresonic.

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