Multiple HDDs USB bay?

  • Hi everyone,
    I was looking foran HDD enclosure and I dound this one. It connect to the computer throught USB.
    There are many similar product:

    • TerraMaster D5-300C USB3.0
    • ORICO USB 3.0
    • FANTEC QB-35US3-6G(this has esata too)

    Do you think that they are a good solution if you use them with an Intel NUC or an ARM board for a small and silent nas?

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  • I use a Startech UASP USB dual 3.5" HDD enclosure with a RPi4. Works fine.

    Main negatives: Need a extra PSU. So one PSU for the enclosure and one for the RPi4. Small fan. Quiet enough, but it may fail at any time and/or become more noisy after some time.

    I tried to be clever and got a enclosure with a built in USB hub with "fast charging". The idea was that I might power the RPi4 that way. Didn't work... Might work with some other SBC?

    If you intend to use hardware RAID then you may want to have a spare enclosure. If the enclosure break all your data might be gone otherwise. If you intend to use software RAID then performance might be low since all drives share one cable.

    I use both drives for secondary backups of other NAS. Extra backups of already backed up data. Usually it is turned off.

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