Backup eMMC Card having OMV

  • Dear Experts.

    My OMV is installed and running from eMMC chip on my RockPro64 board that is enclosed in a NAS casing provided by Pine64 and two disk mirror RAID.

    I have not backed-up the eMMC card ever by taking the image and that worries me of any mishap that may happen one day.

    Is there a mechanism to take the image of the eMMC card without taking the card out, by some plugin or application ? Please refer to the guide.

    I have the eMMC USB reader and I know i can take the card out and put it on USB reader and create a backup image from my computer with etcher or the MAC dd terminal command, But opening the NAS box and taking the eMMC card out from the board is a pain and risky as well.

    Looking for some easy way for frequent backup.

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