Cannot see NAS on network after rebooting OMV5

  • Hi Guys,

    I have been able to successfully install OMV 5 on a RasPi 4 with Plex running in docker. However when I reboot OMV, i see two things
    1. The rebooting dialog does not go away and instead I see a black bar at the top that says "Software Failure. Click Left mouse button. Failure to authenticate"
    I just refresh the browser at that point and it will show me the login screen, after which I can successfully login and get back into the OMV GUI.
    2. I cannot see the NAS on my network in windows 10 anymore.
    I have to stop the docker service. Then go to shared folders-> edit -> reference the shared folders paths -> save. Then restart docker service. After which, I can see the NAS on my network once more.

    Are others seeing this too ? Is there something I can do to resolve these errors ?

  • Thanks. That worked!!!
    However I noticed something else on reboot
    In OMV-Extras -> Portainer -> It says "No Portainer container found"

    Then, I have to remove docker, reinstall docker and after that I see portainer running once again .

  • Hi.

    I have the same problem that I can not see OMV on my network after it's running for some time.

    If I log in and put "systemctl restart wsdd.service" it's appearing again.

    Everything else is running fine and I can still access everything with Cloud Commander but it only shows up in Windows 10 if I restart the rsdd.service every now and then. Any idea why the service apparently gets killed after a while?

  • I think it does restart when it stops:

    Dec 07 12:46:37 openmediavault.local systemd[1]: Stopping Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon...
    Dec 07 12:46:38 openmediavault.local systemd[1]: wsdd.service: Succeeded.
    Dec 07 12:46:38 openmediavault.local systemd[1]: Stopped Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon.
    Dec 07 12:46:38 openmediavault.local systemd[1]: Started Web Services Dynamic Discovery host daemon.
    Dec 07 12:46:38 openmediavault.local[25341]: WARNING: no interface given, using all interfaces

    It was gone again just now. When I try to navigate to //openmediavault.local in the file explorer it sends me to the browser log-in page of OMV 5. After restarting the service I can see and access the shares in the network. If I try to access the shares by opening //openmediavault directly it disappears again and sends me to the web-login again. After doing that I have to restart it again to work but it's only working for some time before it disappears again. Pretty strange.

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