Unable to make certain users able to access certain files

  • I have 4 Users under the "User" section, and I have 2 root folders in the "Shared folders" section, I want 3 of the users to only have access to one of the folders under "Shared folders", and the 1 other user to have acess to both folders. I have set this up properly under each users permissions in the "User" section.

    But under the "SMB/CIFS" section, If I set the drives public setting to "only guest", everyone has access to them regardless of the individual user permissions, but if I set it to "guests allowed" then no one but admin has access to ether drive, including the 1 profile I need to be able to see both. And if I set it to "no", no one except the admin can see any of the files just like "guests allowed".

    What do I need to change these permission settings to in ordered to have 1 user I created (not the admin) see both shared folders, and have the other 3 users only see 1 of the folders?

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