virtual machine interface

  • Hello,

    I've installed the VM box plugin on my OMV system.
    I want to set a virtual machine running Ubuntu on my NAS.

    I set everything in the VM interface and fetched one ISO of Ubuntu.
    I put the ISO in the VM optical drive and I have, after some seconds, an image in preview that show that Ubuntu is ready to be installed on the VM machine. I can also click right on this preview image to have a window opened showing in full the current screen o the Ubuntu virtual machine.

    The issue here is that I cannot select anything in thiw window, my mouse and my keyboard are not working.

    Hence I'm a little puzzled, what do I need to do to access the VM Ubuntu screen and use my keyboard and mouse ?

    I have a VM in my windows 10 environment and it is working very well with also an Ubuntu distribution. It seems that the VMs I set in OMV are working a little differently in terms of display.


  • I solved the issue.
    In the graphic interface of the virtual machine I replaced the field by the ip adress of the OMV server / the NAS. By clicking on the port number in blue in the VM interface I get the screen and a workable keyboard and mouse.

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