Strange issue with network interface deletion

  • I have added a second network interface to communicate between segmented networks but this caused issues with the docker networks. If I selected bridge when creating/running a container that would only work on one interface which wasn't the internet facing one. I have now removed the segmentation on the physical network so I no longer need the second interface. But when I go to delete it, it brings down both interfaces but does not bring the main one backup. When I try to run omv-firstaid and reconfigure the interface I get a socket error. When I reboot the system the interface is back up but I still have the message of a configuration change and I must apply for the changes to be applied. When I do this I start back at the interface going down. I have tried to physically remove the NIC but that causes the main interface to not come up even though it is a separate device. I have stopped all docker containers and repeated the steps to see if that was an issue but still end up with the same issue.

    Has any one else come across this issue? If so how did you resolve it. I don't want to blow away the install and start back from scratch.

    Version of OMV is 4.1.27-1 with 4.19 kernel.

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