Real-world storage-addressing limits in OpenMediaVault?

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    I'm planning to cobble together a poor man's NAS using OpenMediaVault running on a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 2 or 4 ext4-formatted, single-partition USB 3.0 drives as JBOD. I would like to use "big" drives, initially starting with 2 x 8TB external backup drives (which are cheap right now), but ultimately upgrading to bona fide NAS drives in a 2 x or 4 x 12TB configuration (when prices come down). I'm trying to avoid hidden "gotchas," both at the outset and further down the road, so I have some questions:

    What are OpenMediaVault's own inherent, real-world storage-addressing limits, on a per-partition, per-drive, per-USB-port, and aggregate basis? (By "real-world," I mean without a significant performance hit.) In other words, within the confines of "reasonable" performance:

    * What's the largest ext4 partition I can use?

    * What's the largest hard drive I can use?

    * What's the largest amount of storage I can address through a single USB 3.0 port and via a hub or dock?

    * What's the largest amount of total, aggregate storage I can address through both of the Pi4B's USB 3.0 ports, whether directly or via hubs or docks?

    I'm inquiring about the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 Model B's own storage-addressing limits on Raspberry's forums -- I suspect they will be lower than OpenMediaVault's -- but if anyone knows the answer off the top of their head, I'm all ears. For that matter, I'm open to suggested alternatives to the Raspberry Pi.

    Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to think about my questions and ventures at shot at answering them!

  • I am using OMV with 16TB drives. On 32 bit ARM with EXT4. Odroid HC2. Works fine.

    I have seen somewhere that 16 TB is the limit for filesystems on 32 bit ARM. OMV on RPi4 is also 32 bit ARM.

    I don't know if the 16TB limit only applies to EXT4? Perhaps with btrfs or XFS you can have bigger filesystems?

    So at least 16TB should be fine. Per filesystem. You can have several filesystems without problems. For instance 16TB on one drive and 16TB on another. One for shared files and the other for backups.

    There are external USB enclosures that holds 4 HDDs. That is 64TB on one USB port. But most likely only as 4 x 16 TB. I think that would work fine. If you get a nice USB hub, I suspect your purse would be the limiting factor.

    But I would avoid having more than one HDD per USB port, for performance reasons. Possibly with an exception for backups.

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