Unable to connect remotely

  • I have installed OMV 4 on a pi 4 and I # think # I have everything set up correctly. I can ssh as root and log in via browser as admin.
    I'm trying to use OMV to back up a Linux laptop (and eventually a Windows computer). I have a connected SSD, and I have enabled a user, enabled a shared folder to which the user has full rights. I have FTP, SFTP, SSH, Apple, Docker, and SMB enabled and running.
    I have tried several different backup programs on my laptop which try to connect to the OMV, but the only time i was able to copy a file over was by issuing the command scp file root@remote_file_address\my_share. I could not scp using my user credentials, and I couldn't log on with my user credentials through Duplicacy, Back in Time, rsync, or Cloudberry.
    I think it must be a permissions problem, but any insight or guidance would be very much appreciated.

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