How to deny guest access to SMB shares

  • Hi, I'm currently testing out OMV4 out in a VM before migrating my data to it. Right now, I can't figure out how to deny guest access to SMB shares. For context, this is pretty much a clean system install with defaults configs except for a static ip and Snapraid and MergerFS plugins installed. I have set up a Snapraid array, which works fine. I have created multiple guest users and a test folder and enabled said folder in the SMB config section. The test folder is currently stored on the MergerFS mount. I am trying to figure out how the privileges work. When Read/Write, Read-Only, or No access are individually checked, the privileges work as I expect. However, when none of the boxes are checked for a user, they have full read/write access to the SMB share.

    Checking No access does work in restricting access for that share for that user, but doing that when I create a user once I have multiple shares created would be tedious. I would like it so that when a new user is created and no access boxes are checked in the privileges section, that user has no read/write access to any share save for ones that have the Public setting enabled in SMB. I've checked the individual settings for the test share and the Public box is set to No, which is the default. So I'm not sure why guest access is being allowed.

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