Strange issue server response

  • I have a rather strange problem if you can help out please respond. Server specification i3 processor – 4Gb of memory – 1.5 Tb Sata Western Digital storage – MSI 7677 mobo. 80Gb Sata LapTop drive for the OS 5.0.5.
    Installed Open media vault straight forward no issues – set up as the program & Os according to instructions, disk format Ext.4.
    Connecting to the server two dual boot Mac desktops (Hackintosh) – Zorin (Unbuntu derivative) hard wired & One MacBook Pro via wireless.
    The Zorin & Mac book pro set up has no issues how ever when connected to the MacHack you can view but cannot – write or save.
    Unmounting the server and then remounting permits all functions apart from saving or copy to the server files, attempting to save will result in the PC rebooting - if however you leave the status quo for a period of time maybe thirty minutes all the functions work – read – write – save.
    Permissions are granted the same for all platforms and users.
    Thanks for reading the thread. :/

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