HP Printer Scan to SMB Share Failes, Windows Client Works

  • I am trying to get my HP Multi Printer to scan to network share.

    I have a share called 'public'. Permissions for owner, group and others is set to RWX (777).

    Set up SMB, for this share. 'Guests Allowed', not read only, set browseable. Fired up a Windows VM and from explorer, I can see the share, create a file etc.

    On the printer, I setup the same path and a user of 'Guest' - The printer fails the scan to folder, and unfortunately no more information to give. I have enabled debug logging for SMB on OMV but can only see lots of zero byte files under /var/log/samba.

    I can't see anything wrong and now stumped trying to get the printer to scan to network.

  • I resolved it now.

    The logging never hits the /var/log/samba. I did find log lines hitting /var/log/daemon.log. This gave me a clue, as I specified the user Guest for guest access which was incorrect. The logs showed this.

    I went to the control panel on the printer and left the user id blank and this worked successfully.

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