Rsync only works manually

  • Hi there,
    I'm very new to OMV, and only slightly less new to linux overall, and I'm trying to get things going.

    I've managed to get 3 rsync jobs set up where they work when they are run manually, but the automation functions through cron don't seem to do anything at all

    # m h dom mon dow user command
    */3 * * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-80ff6ed8-d3bc-4a7d-8c39-673a6973fbf9 >/dev/null 2>&1
    */30 * * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-b39f0bd4-fee1-4359-8584-867271854d82 >/dev/null 2>&1
    */15 * * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-c66de143-ae1d-4acb-b9f6-b958c9046e0a >/dev/null 2>&1

    This is how /etc/cron.d/openmediavault-rsync looks which seems to make sense. I just don't see it ever being called. What am I missing?

  • It may be that the sh shell environment is not correctly setup. Try using bash instead.

    If you want to sync individual subfolders, use the rsync program directly, from the command line or from a script.

    I only use rsync from scripts. Automated using entries in /etc/crontab. I don't use OMV for this at all. The reason is that this is how I've used rsync since long before I started using OMV...

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