using scheduled jobs to run script at reboot

  • I'm trying to use the scheduled jobs to run a script to fix an ftp issue.. so
    I tried to set it up like this:


    but when I try to execute it it fails with this error:

    any ideas?

    The issues I'm actually having is described here, but nobody seems to know how to fix it except for manually restarting the service:


    edit: nevermind, it somehow, just works after rebooting, guess I can just ignore that error.

  • I could try that too. but does it reload the configuration as well?

    edit: yep. works.

    proftpd wasn't the only service that had this issue for me.
    there were other services that couldn't establish an internet connection at the time there were executed.
    looks like this machine just takes a longer time til the connection is established.

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