Best way to set up a separate/dual network for Rclone

  • Hi,
    I currently have Virgin broadband 100 mb/s down and around 8 mb/s up but I'd like to be able to backup my 6tb hard drive to my univeristy unlimited Google Drive using rclone.
    I'm backing up my smaller drives over night using rclone by setting the command manually and then cntrl c'ing it in the morning so other people in the house aren't affected by the limited bandwidth, this will take forever on my larger 6tb drive (estimated over 2 months if constantly uploading which isnt an option).

    I've just upgraded my phone contract to Three's unlimited data plan (upload speed of around 60 mb/s with 5g speeds coming early 2020) so I decided that I would buy an Alfa Network AWUS036AC wireless network adapter and then bond the two networks (my main connection would be the Virgin ethernet connection) together so that I could switch on my tethering, the adapter would automatically connect, run the Rclone command and let it run overnight with the benefit of having the speed of virgin and my mobile hotspot.

    **** Other ideas ******
    Another idea was to set up the wireless adapter and disconnect the ethernet every night but that would mean having to reconnect my laptop via ssh to run the rclone command.

    I also have a network switch and multiple routers so I was thinking I could set up a router as a wireless extender connected to the switch that would automatically connect to my phones hotspot when I switch it on but I realise this would be quite problematic with 2 routers connected to one switch.


    I've run into a couple of posts that say that bonding is very poorly implemented so what I'm ultimately asking is this:

    Should I continue trying to set up bonding or is there a better solution for my case?

    I was planning on following this guide to set up bonding…_and_ethernet_interfaces/

    Thank you and sorry if my post rambles.

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