(Diskpool) Changing faulty disks

  • I'm having 2 disks which are showing up with errors. Is this really a problem?

    How can I change these 2 disks without losing data? They are not in a RAID, but they are in diskpool with union filesystem. 1 of the disks is completely full.

    I have extra room to add 2 new disks before removing the other ones, but I'm kinda sucky with OMV haha :D

    edit: Also, my NAS is in a closet, is 40-41 degrees too much for the hdd's? Otherwise I will move the NAS so they can be cooler

  • Whether reported disk errors are really a problem depends on the errors. Exactly what messages are you getting?

    The easiest way to change the disks would be to clone them. This would preserve important information in such a way that OMV would not complain about swapping the disks. However this would duplicate any filesystem errors on the old disks to the new disks and the process might not complete properly.

    The other way to do it would be to format the new disks and copy all the files and directories from the old disks to the new disks. As above, any corrupted files would be replicated, and the copy process might fail. But this would also result in critical changes that OMV would have problems with and fixing these is not trivial.

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