Can't access shared folders as guest without network credentials

  • Hi. I'm new here, and this is the first time I ever try omv or anything like it.

    I followed Techno Dad Life (awesome dude!) guide to install omv5 on my server. Had huge troubles getting portainer to install, but i found a solution for this fortunately.
    So after solving that problem the next one occurred when i tried setting up some private and some public shared folders on my network. Here I also followed TDL guide for shares with windows.

    The problem
    When I try to access the server from my win10 machine I get "enter network credentials" popup, even if I have folders there that's shared public for anyone to read/write with guest allowed.
    I have 3 users on omv for me and my family members, and want to have one private folder for each user and one folder accessible for everyone including guest.

    Now I have 4 ways to login to see the folders that's shared on my server:

    • User: guest Pass: (blank) - Only access to guest folder
    • U: user1 P: user1pass - Gets me access to user1 folder and guest folder
    • U: user2 P: user2pass - Gets me access to user2 folder and guest folder
    • U: user3 P: user3pass - Gets me access to user3 folder and guest folder

    Now if I login as guest, I get the "enter network credentials" popup if I try accessing one of the user folders. But trying to login here with the correct user and password i get an error stating that I don't have permission to access. It's like it remembers that I logged in as guest to just see the folders that's shared. To get access to a user folder, I have to reboot the win10 system and login with the corresponding user first time trying to access the server. Same problem if I initially login as user1 and try to access user2 folder.
    There is nothing saved in the controlpanel/useraccounts/windowscredentials.

    Troubleshooting this problem I found an old post from 2012/2013 describing the same problem, but no solution. However they found out that deleting the users in omv would remove the initial network credentials request.
    I tried this and it worked. I could access the server from my win10 machine without entering credentials and see 4 shared folders. The guest folder is accessible and i can read and write to it. The other user folders is not accessible and ask for user and password, but since the users on omv is deleted there is no way to access these folders...

    tl;dr - Can't see shared folders from a win10 machine when having added users in omv, without entering credentials for login. Deleting all users on omv, shared folders are visible without credentials.

    Edit: I found the solution!!

    So searching a bit more I saw this post.

    I have guest allowed or guest only enabled, but windows keeps asking for password?

    You probably have an identical windows-omv username. Windows is sending windows account credentials before. If you want to login as Guest type nobody in login and no password. Yes, nobody

    So I thought maybe it's the standard guest account that windows always have in their os that causes the problem. So I tested this guide to deactivate the guest account in win10. This, however, had no effect.

    So reading what subzero79 wrote a bit more carefully, I realized he probably ment that the user account I have on my win10 machine has the same name as one of the user accounts I'm trying to make in omv. And yeah, of course, because I used my name as account name on my win10 and one of the users I'm trying to set up in omv.

    What I think is happening is when I try to access the server on the network it recognizes that someone with an active username is trying to access. But since Iv'e disabled the password on my win10 machine I get prompted to login, because the user with the same name on omv have a password. (Maybe if i set a login password on my win10 same as omv I wont get the message, this is not tested)

    So I deleted the user I made in omv with the same name as my win10 user, and now I can browse the guest allowed shared folders without entering a password!

    tl;dr sollution: Don't have the same user name in omv as the user name in your win10 machine! (Might be the same for other OS).

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