Other nginx server rewrite

  • Hi!
    I have an OMV server, I have an nginx server. This is where I run the nextcloud service on port 443 in the /www/nextcloud/ folder. This works fine, but I would like to run another web page in my /www/otherpage/ folder. The run runs it's nothing wrong with it, just rewrite a damn thing.
    For example, do I have the following address: mydomain/otherpage/index.php?page=first
    Instead of email, I want mydomain/otherpage/index/first
    This is a rewrite article that you can type into nginx.conf, but nothing, and whatever I type, does not respond to anything. Should I allow something or write it in the wrong place? Anyone have an idea?
    nginx.conf or sites-available/www-omv-nginx
    location /otherpage/index/ { rewrite ^index/([a-z]+)/?$ index.php?page=$1; }

    Sorry for my english!!

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