Limiting CPU for containers

  • Hi!

    I'm relatively new to this but I've been searching for a way to do this but I just can't wrap my head around how to.

    I'm using OMV4.x and I have docker installed. In docker I'm running a container with Handbrake, whenever Handbrake does it thing my CPU is running very high and I'm afraid my plex container will suffer from this. What I want to do is to limit handbreak to only run on 2 cores/cpus but I cant seem to get it working.

    I've tried to localize a config-file and what I found was:

    none of these seems to have anything specifed for CPU pre-written when I checked them out with the nano command and I don't want to wreck my machine. Does anyone have an idea of how and where I can change this? Couldn't find anything on the docker infopage for Handbrake either.

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