Trying to install Duplicity via Docker but just don't have the skill yet. Making headway but chasing any guidance. Full links etc provided

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to backup my OMV shared data to a Backblaze B2 Bucket. I tried the technodad tutorial on Duplicati and it worked, almost, but it keeps getting database errors when syncing to B2 and stops backing up. So looking around I found Duplicity. REALLY nice and easy to use from the command line when installed locally but I want it in OMV and gave it a whirl via docker.

    Using this image :
    Code at :

    Starting the container to set it up I have began but I'm stuck on things like networking and port forwarding.

    Also the SRC variable mentions mounts, so I'm assuming I then use Volumes and Bind Mounts near the bottom of the docker settings? If so, what do I name them?

    I do apologise as I'm quite new at Docker and there's just nothing out there on Duplicity so I'm trail blazing with limited skills.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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