Best SBC for OMV for performance and stability

  • Hi,

    New to forum and new to OMV. I have installed OMV on Pi 4 and find it very slow esp copying large files. I am looking to upgrade SBC and am faced with tons of options and confused about performance and stability with OMV. I will be putting a 10tb sata drive and it will be full of music and videos and documents. I use plex, Calibrae, ftp, bittorrent, vpn, and probably more apps as I learn docker. I think i need at least 4gig memory. Thinking about Odroid N2 but do not know stability etc. Am I asking to much of SBC? Any help would be appreciated.

    thanks all!

  • I don't think the stability depends so much on what SBC is used.

    I think the user and how he/she behaves is much more important.

    If you intend to learn and experiment, get at least three SBCs. And at least two 10TB drives. I prefer 16TB drives with my SBCs.

    One SBC you use as a very stable NAS that you keep prestine and always in perfect condition. If anything even hints of being wrong or bad or not fully understood, revert back to a previous config or reinstall from scratch. Another SBC you use for just backup of the first. And a third SBC you use for learning and experimenting.

    Learning and experimenting is not compatible with stable and secure.

    When you add more dockers and you find performance becomes too low, use another SBC. Or upgrade to a more powerful server. You can still use the SBCs for backups and experiments.

    RPi4 is nice and very fast. But make sure you use a goodon't use NTFS or a USB hub. And that you have a GbE switch.

    RPi4 is great. Really fast and powerful as a NAS. As long as you use good powered external drives, don't use NTFS and don't use any USB hub or RAID. And use a good SD card and a nice case for cooling. And a really fat and short power cable.

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  • Thinking about Odroid N2 but do not know stability

    odroid-n2 is still labeled as WIP at armbian and I would agree with that. How did you install OMV on the RPi4? I have found the RPi4, odroid-hc2, nanopim4, and rock64 to be very stable and fast.

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