RocketRAID 62X/62/XM

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    I know this was posted about a year ago, but with a different RocketRAID Card, I am currently using FreeNAS with a RocketRAID 62X/62/XM Card, and a
    Sans Digital TR8M-B 8 bay tower, with 8 - 4 TB NAS Drives. And was wondering how Tedour (about a year ago), got OMV to recognize the RocketRAID card.
    I have an extra card and Sans Digital TR8M-B with same configuration, but OMV is not seeing the card. "lspci" indicates that the controller is there, but it is not
    seeing my drives on the Sans Digital tower. I had tried running "inxi -fxz" and even installing it, but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will look around
    in the forum as well.

    WL7A - 73's

  • OMV is built on top of Debian. In fact there is a full Debian server install running below OMV.

    Try to look for information on how to get your card working on Debian. You are much more likely to find any useful information that way. Then it will most likely automatically be available to OMV as well.

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