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  • I have gotten a new more powerful NUC which I've installed OMV4 on the internal drive. I'd like to just move the external media/download drive over from the less powerful machine. Is this possible (and easy enough)?

  • I assume that under NUC you understand the Intel Cube-Design HTPCs, right?
    What in detail did you switch over? What NUC Model do you own? External drive connected via USB3?

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  • It is easy to move the drive. But I assume that you want to use it as well?

    Then the easiest is to add the drive to OMV using the GUI, after it is plugged in.

    Then remove everything already on the drive by wiping it.

    Then create a new filesystem on the drive, and mount it.

    Then create a shared folder on the drive. Or several.

    Then configure services to use these shared folders.

    If you are not willing to wipe the drive, then you need to provide more information. What is on the drive? What filesystem(s)? How do you want to use the drive? For backups? For shared files on the LAN? For media storage? Something else?

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  • Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sorry for not being clearer. I have OMV4 running on the old NUC. The drive I want to move has over 100GB of shows on it. I've just installed OMV4 on the new NUC. I would like the to plug the drive in to the new machine and have it function exactly the same way it was on the older machine - without wiping it if possible.


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