New Installation, but plugins cannot not be installed

  • Hi there, after my NAs was chrashed with OMV 4 ,have I now installed OMV 5.
    The installation from OMV5 and upgrade to OMV 5.2.1-1 was going on without any problems.
    But now I cannot install any plugins.
    If I want to install portainer I get the info "DNS error"
    if I want to install minidlna or WOL get I "Could not resolve '' "
    How can I solve this issue or how can I install these plugins manually?

  • Your NAS is not online (DNS error). If you made changes here, you need to correct them.

    Given the thread, I'm guessing you didn't and have no idea what is causing this.

    Log in at Console
    type omv-firstaid and hit enter

    One of the options is to reconfigure your network device. Choose that, select your network device to reconfigure and it will walk you through it. Use DHCP and let it reconfigure your network device.

    When it's done (assuming it finishes with no errors) type hostname -I and verify your IP address (it may change). Then log back into the omv-webUI

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • hmm but thats strange.the installation from docker was without problems, after that I get from portainer "DNS Error"

    So I have change in omv-firstaid my network setting from "DHCP" to static.

    Now this solve the issue and I can install all plugins.


    with DHCP was no entry in the etc/resolv.conf
    with static is now my nameserver entered

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