Creating Credentials to log into NAS over SMB

  • Hi, so I have got my NAS up and running with hared files showing and all. However I want to give users usernames and passwords in order to access the NAS. Their username will dictate what they can view. I tryed creating users in the Access Rights Managment tab but this does not seem to corilate to the Samba file share (see images). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • You assign "Privileges" for each user in the Shared Folder tab that directly relate to the samba share.

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  • I'm having the same problem. I adress the privileges and ACP, but still can't acess the files. Since I need control of my files, public share won't work.

    And the log in omv? Is the message related to privileges or to max connection limit or...?

    The auth log may show the reason is rejecting the access

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