OMV5 in Virtual Box as Production system

  • Hi,

    I'm running OMV4 on Debian 9 (one disk install) currently, which is always running.
    I would like to go to Debian 10 om my computer and use OMV5 (or if not stable enough yet OMV4) in Virtual Box as a Production NAS.
    Would that be wise to do ?
    And how can I arrange this to work correctly with the (non-virtual) disks on my computer? (For example to be able to rsync the shared folders on the non-virtual disks to the backup disks (also non-virtual))

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • If you consider to run OMV in a vm (what is not a bad idea) you should take a look on Proxmox 6.x (based on Debian 10). And yes, you can pass through complete disks or RAIDs to a vm with pve.

  • Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your answer, Iĺl look into it.
    Should I install Debian 10 first and PVE 6.x on top of it or is installing PVE 6.x solely a better idea when I want to run OMV 5 on it? So I guess PVE replaces Virtual Box for that matter.
    Best Regards,


  • Hi John,
    install pve from their ISO and then install OMV in a vm on the pve host, not on the host itself. I'm just migrating my OMV4-NAS server (that also runs a few Virtualbox vms) to vms in Proxmox - it's fun...

    PS: OMV5 is still beta - better use OMV4 on a production system...;-)

  • Hi,

    I have installed Proxmox 6.1.1 on a desktop ("the server") and created a VM in which I installed OMV5.

    In the Proxmox-GUI (which I run from a laptop) I can see the non-virtual disks as they are listed in the Disk section of the node. The physical disks are external harddisks connected via USB to the server.

    I have a few questions now:

    1) Can you indicate how I can make these disks (and/or the directories on these disks I want to share) available for the OMV5-VM? Preferably via the GUI of course (examples?)

    I read through the proxmox guides and I'm totally lost on how to do this. As said I already have data on the external harddisks and don't want to use virtual-drives if not needed. (That also would consume a lot of time since I need to move all directories and files from the external physical disks to virtual-disks)

    2) In the directorystructure on the external physical harddisks I have stored several ISOs of Operating Systems of which I would like to create VMs. However I can not browse (from the GUI) to these directories to upload them into the space where Proxmox can use it for installation in a VM.

    Can you show how to accomplish this (preferably via examples)?



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