Wake-on-LAN from hibernation

  • Hi all,

    is there a possibility to set OMV / Debian into hibernation, so it can Wake-on-LAN (WOL) again? If I use "Standby", I'm able to WOL my server (dell T30), but as soon as I enter

    systemctl hibernate -i

    the server does not WOL anymore. Following the dell description, it is also possible to WOL from S4 (= hibernate) state. My "problem" with "Standby" is, that the LED of the server is still lightening and I here it working anything, even if I cannot ping it, etc. From what I see, when I check my photovoltaic app on the smartphone that shows me the current energy needs of my house, it does not seem to make that big difference when it is in Standby or running (without working on any specific jobs). The hibernate mode seems to not need much power and the LAN LEDs are still lightening.

    Can you help me stopping the server as energy-efficient as possible, so I can still WOL it?

    Thanks and kind regards,


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