Boot Failure with OMS 4 on QNAP TS 269 Pro, only boots with connected HDMI cable. OMS installed on SD card

  • Hi all!

    I've got a strange problem on my successfull insalled OMS on a QNAP Nas TS 269 pro. I installed latest stable, OMS 4.1.30 on micro SD card connected on USB 3.0 port. I installed the flashmemory plugin and tested different connections (FTP, SSH, SFTP). Everything went well.

    The problem is when the HDMI cable is pluged in as it was on installation, the device boots without any problem. Then if the HDMI is disconnected during reboot or startup nothing happens, the device boots to bios shell (i think). Unable to login or doing anything.

    Hope somebody can help!


    QNAP TS 269 Pro
    Intel Atom CPU D2701, 2.13 GHz
    3 GB DDR3 RAM
    OMV Arrakis 4.1.30, Linux Kernel 4.19.0-0.bpo.6-amd

  • Thanks for the reply

    I tried to find some fix with grub, but didn't find some, my skills on Linux are limited :)

    Think it will work with the hdmi dummy plug, i'll order someone.

    By the way, im very happy with OMV!

    Thanks to all contributors for the great work! I will place a donation soon.

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