Pivccu3 and Openmediavault 5

  • Hi there,First of all, sorry for my bad english.now to the problem:I installed PivCCU3 and everything went very well. After that I also installed openmediavault 5. Now to my problem: After that I couldn't do a sudo apt-get update. There seemed to be a DNS problem. I was still able to access the PivCCu3 webui. Then I made the following settings in openmediavault 5 at network -> interface:Name: eth0IPv4: DHCPIPv6: deactivatedDNS server: restarted. Now I can do the updates again, but I can no longer open the webui.Now I have made another setting:Name: vethpivccuIPv4: StaticAddress: deactivatedDNS server:, the command webui PivCCU3 means that I get to the openmediavault 5 interface.PiVCCU-info has the following entries:

    Can someone please help me or tell me how I can easily install or set up openmediavault 5?

  • Thank you for the feedback!What data do I have to enter exactly?Once like this:Name: eth0IPv4: DHCPIPv6: deactivatedDNS server: with period or comma)and for PIVCCU3 ......?


  • Unfortunately, these settings do not work. Unfortunately do not come into the PIVCCU3 webui ....

    Eth0, DHCP, DNS (works)
    vethpivccu: DHCP, DNS, (doesnt work)

    I just don't know what data I have to enter for PIVCCU3...

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