Transmission > Handbrake > Sonarr Workflow

  • Currently have Sonarr, Handbrake and Plex all installed on OMV and independently work fine. I would like to create a workflow whereby Transmission downloads the request Sonarr file (which currently works just fine) and then Handbrake converts the file (works just fine). From there, I would like for Sonarr to recognize the file and then do it's renaming magic and place in the media folder for Plex to serve. The part that is getting hung, is the recognition by Sonarr. I can see the converted Handbrake file in the folder that Sonarr is watching, but Sonarr is not doing anything with it. It's just sitting there. Has anyone successfully completed the workflow of Transmission > Handbrake > Sonarr > Plex?

    Thanks for any help!

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