Wifi with the Gigabyte Aorus GC-WBAX200 and OMV

  • Hi,

    i build a omv-server with the hardware of my old pc. I wanted to connect the server via Wifi to my network, but my Wifi network adapter (GC-WBAX200) is not recognised by OMV (and also not by Ubuntu, but here the Bluetooth of the adapter worked). The GC-WBAX-200 has the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 chipset build in, where one can find a linux driver on the intel hompage (https://www.intel.com/content/…/wireless-networking.html). I also think that the drivers might be already included in OMV because there is a file in /lib/firmware named something with iwlwifi-cc...

    Can anybody help me with this? I'm pretty noobish in linux things...

    Thank you & best regards,


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