plex installed with docker, plex preroll video help

  • Hey all.

    looking for some help with plex in docker and a feature plex offers called preroll.

    if someone here is using the preroll feature can you share how you set it up?

    i have tried,
    i edited my acl to give plex permission to use folder

    i have also tried,
    created a new folder in one of my movie drives
    sdc/kids movies
    i have tried both the path plex uses and the full path.
    ex plex:
    /media/Movies2/kids movies
    ex full path:

  • sorted it out.
    i was using the wrong path, i need to use the same path i used while setting up plex in docker.
    used this command while in ssh to figure out the path plex was looking for.
    docker exec Plex ls /media

    hope this helps someone else.

  • plz help me with pre roll path . my plex pre rolls not working

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