No Clonezilla tab in Backup

  • Hi,
    Ive installed openmediavault-backup 4.0.6 from OMV-Extras and have installed Clonezilla from the Kernel tab, but the Clonezilla tab doesn't appear in System/Backup.

    I've had this working on previous OMV installations, but for some reason its not working now.
    What did I do wrong?

  • Hi. Openmediavault Backup and Clonezilla are 2 different things. Clonezilla will be shown in the start menu for a few seconds when you restart the server. From there you start it too. Clonezilla is currently the safest way to set up a system backup and/or data backup. But of course separately.


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  • The clonezilla option used to be in the backup plugin. I moved to omv-extras a long time ago. But the live backup never had an option to use clonezilla.

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  • Thanks for the replies.

    I run a headless installation.
    From memory, there used to be the option in the backup gui to set omv to boot once from clonezilla to do a backup/restore and then a normal boot thereafter. I take it this is no longer possible?

    Ignore me. I found the boot once option under the kernal tab.

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