vFat disk and USBBackup plugin... a mess

  • Hi,

    I have recently been trying to get my iPod 5G to sync with OMV through the USBBackup plugin.
    This iPod is running Rockbox as a dual boot with the original firmware, so it needs to be formatted by Windows (yeah, thanks Rockbox), which means FAT32 / exFAT.

    I tried the USBBackup plugin as well as a good ol rsync command and both cause the same result: Completely borked file names pretty quick, unresponsive sync command, corrupt disk, forced to reformat.

    I first suspected that the problem might lay in the fact that this iPod is actually modded and does not use a hard drive, but a custom made PCB with 4 microSD cards mounted as one volume...
    So I tried plugging it to my Windows machine and everything copied in a breeze and with no problem, all my files were there, Rockbox database built correctly even with 400 Gb of data, and all was good.

    So the problem was definitely somewhere with Debian / OMV's way of handling the vFAT volume.
    So I looked around and found this 15 year old article about known problems with linux and vFAT, and applied the recommended mount options (by editing /etc/openmediavault/config.xml and running omv-mkconf fstab), and relaunching a rsync command.

    And... so far, everything seems to copy nicely and calmly.

    I will report back once everything is finished just to be sure, but assuming it works, here's my question:

    How can I be sure that USBBackup will mount my volume like I want every time I plug it in ? Can I change USBBackup's rsync command (assuming that's actually what it uses under the hood?) in order to make sure it works as expected (especially regarding the modification time problem with non-UTC machines as mentioned in the article) ?

    I would reeeeaaaally like to use OMV for sync'ing this little magical device and not Windows :(

    Many thanks

    Edit: It went sideways after copying 6 Gb :(
    I'm out of ideas

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