Extremly slow transfer speeds over ethernet with raspberry pi 4

  • Hello,

    It always seems like my transfer speeds are slow, I usually get 2-4mb/s when I transfer files from my window machine and when I try to backup my Mac it takes ~20 hours even though the disk is not that large. I have tried to use both OMV 4/5 on an old laptop but I never seem to get more than 4mb/s. Now I tried to use a Raspberry PI 4, 4gb. Which have usb 3.0 & 1gb lan so that should not be a bottleneck?

    I'm using a WD My Passport 4 TB HDD.
    My router is an Huawei B315s-22

    I have tried a few different ports & cables on my router but still the same result.

  • I am pretty sure that it is the external HDD that is the problem. I don't think it is fully compatible with Linux, and especially not with Debian 10.

    OMV/Debian tries to use it with UASP and then it chokes. The fix might be to "blacklist" the USB interface from using UASP so that it instead use the slower normal USB 3 drivers.

    I have no idea how to blacklist USB interfaces. I only use USB drives that are fully compatible with Linux and UASP.

    But this is a common problem so I am very sure you get many hits if you search the internet for info on how to blacklist a USB interface from using UASP.

    Another option is to use some other external HDD that is fullu compatible with Linux.

    My second suspect is the router. I don't trust combination router/switches. Get a separate GbE switch. Connect it to the router. Connect everything in your network to the switch.

    My third suspect is you. That you have done something strange, that you don't tell us about, and that cause the problem. something you installed that isn't working or something similar.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
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  • ...

    Okay, I tried to find how you blacklist USB interfaces but I can't figure out how to do it? Just links how you turn off a port. I don't really know what to look for as I have never really used linux before.

    How would I go about to find a HDD that are compatible with linux? I was thinking of instead buying another one that is compatible and just using the old one as a backup for the one I go and buy.

    Feels it might be cheaper to just buy a stand alone NAS and use my raspberry pi as a torrent box and connect it to the NAS

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