OMV 5 Cockpit questions - Virtualization

  • Hey everyone,

    I've some questions about the KVM integration in Cockpit on OMV 5. I've a Windows 10 VM and want to setup network of the guest to be a member of my local network. As first try, I setup the LAN card of the VM to "direct attachment" and link it to my physical LAN adapter (i.e. enp5s0). The VM get an IP adress from the local DHCP server (my Router) and has connection to local LAN and Internet. BUT: I can't reach my host machine (OMV). Thats bad.

    Can anyone please teach me, what I do wrong?

  • I'm stuck with the exact same issue. Did you in the meantime manage to solve it?

    From what I was able to figure out so far, the reason for this behaviour is that "Direct attachment" apparently defaults to macvtap in private mode (which means that the vm can connect to outside machines but not the host). The alternative would be isolated mode, where the VM can connect to the host and other VMs but not the outside machines, but I wouldn't know how to achieve that and that's not what we want anyway.

    So what's needed is a bridged network which is called "Bridge to LAN" in Cockpit, but I cannot get it to work because I have no bridge to select as a source (which you're supposed to do according to this excellent tutorial) and I see no way of creating a bridge in Cockpit. Anyone who managed to create a bridged connection?

  • I've the same problem, I can 't setup a working bridge connection .

    HP Microserver Gen8 , 2X3TB data , 1x4TB snapraid sync,SSD for OS. 16g Ecc ram.

    Plugin :












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