OMV 5 no network connection after reboot

  • I've recently setup a new OMV5 installation to replace my OMV3 server that's been running now for several years. However, I am having trouble setting the IP address. I set a static address of using the GUI, but after a reboot, there is no network connection. I have to login to the console and use omv-firstaid to reset the network connection. The system will be fine then up until a reboot.

    I've checked /etc/sytemd/network folder for the adapter entry, it looks correct:

    results of ip addr after reboot:

    results of ip addr after omv-firstaid:

    As you can see, eno1 ip address is not set until after running omv-firsaid. Can anyone give me suggestions on what else to check?



  • Some more Diagnostics today:

    There are two network adapters on the MOBO. I tried the other one, with the same results, no network connection after reboot.

    After a reboot, running "systemctl status systemd-networkd" command results in the following output:

    After running omv-firstaid and setting a static ip address to, output is:

    Question is, why is it failing at startup but runs after using omv-firstaid?

    Any help is much appreciated!



  • Hi Pete,

    I also have trouble with OMV4 and was told that using the GUI to setup network interfaces is not the correct way but I´m not sure it this still is the same with OMV5...

    however in maybe help you to figure out whats wrong.

  • Same thing here, after every huge update (like new kernel), OMV 5 lost network (no more interface available) and can only be set up back using omv-firstaid.

    Any idea?

    WebUI got good network configuration.

    No exotic hardware.

    Maybe it is related to docker install but no sure.

  • I didn´t solve this issue at my setup. sometimes wifi works sometimes not and this is not due to my router setup. As I don´t have mood at the moment to dive into linux stuff I chose the ethernet connection which works great out of the box... but wifi is the issue so far

  • I am still facing this issue and for me it is link to dhcpcd and docker.

    But unable to find root cause and to confirm, two majors impacts are:

    • omv lost network after any kernel or docker update and a reboot. Only omv-firsaid can solve it, sad for a headless server.
    • docker locates network configuration into containers in default bridge mode. It generates docker internal DNS issue.

    FYI docker issue 488

    Any idea on it? don't wanna run a new OMV5 full install with all configuration

    Config : OMV5 running headless on J5005 motherboard, dual HDD as storage and SDD with BOOT, OS and DATA partitions
    + behind router with static NAT/IP and duckdns/NO-IP

    + docker and portainer installed from OMV plugin with multiple docker compose stacks (bazarr, duckdns, duplicati, glances, heimdall, jackett, letsencrypt, ombi, openvpnas, plex, pyload, radarr, rdesktop, sonarr, tautulli, ..)

  • Did someone find any workaround?

    In my case on clean OMV 5 network works perfect, no problems.

    As soon as Docker and Portainer is installed, on first reboot it looses all network settings.

    With omv-firstaid it is possible to put it back only when LAN cable is disconnected.

    Is there any way to hard code IP address to system / docker / anything?

    Portainer is used for torrents and Plex.

  • Hi

    I don't know if it can help: beginning of OMV5, netplan is used. The gui is creating files in /etc/netplan. These files are loaded into


    omv-firstaid is a textual manner to create new files in /etc/netplan. I don't know how docker is handling the network creating, but no doubt it creates an own network.

    Have look in netplan and try these commands to check and revert a netplan, generate the resulting set of the network and apply the new config. The last command reloads the netplan into the network.

    netplan --debug try
    netplan --debug generate
    netplan apply
    systemctl restart networking

    Finally I can tell the neplan files are executed from a till z. The last config overwrites the first one. You may safely add a file to the end: e.g. 60.yaml.

  • I ran into this issue also because I want to use both my on board (enp1s0) and pcie (ens6) ethernet adapters.

    This is what worked for me:

    1. Use omv-firstaid to setup static ip on enp1s0 - 192.168.1.x

    2. This created /etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-enp1s0.yaml

    3. Create new yaml file for ens6 cp /etc/netplan/20-openmediavault-enp1s0.yaml to /etc/netplan/30-openmediavault-ens6.yaml

    4. Edit /etc/netplan/30-openmediavault-ens6.yaml for it's ip address

    macaddress: bb:bb:bb:bb:bb:bb
    - 10.0.10.y/24
    dhcp4: false
    dhcp6: false
    link-local: []

    5. netplan generate

    6. netplan apply

    7. Reboot for good measure :)

    This seems to function for me on my OMV5. Only the 1st adapter shows up in System / Network but both appear in Diagnostics (Network Interfaces). Also only the first (enp1s0) appears in the Diagnostics / System Information / Performance Statistics / Network Interfaces graphs.

    I'd really like to know how to fix those annoyances, but at least both adapters are function

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