After changing hostname - UnicodeError: label empty or too long

  • How did you set the hostname to testtesttest?

    Good timing on the question, I was just testing this. It happens when I either:

    • set the hostname in the OMV web panel
    • use the "hostname" command in shell

    Then I recalled that's not a proper way to change the hostname, quick google lookup found me this.
    But when the hostname is changed this way (with "hostnamectl" and by editing "/etc/hosts") and I apply any changes in OMV, the hostname returns back to the default "raspberrypi".

  • Can you please run salt-call --local state.orchestrate omv.deploy.hostname and post the output.

    We summoned the error this way:

  • Sorry for late response, didn't get an e-mail with a response notification for some reason.

    I just tried to change my hostname right now to try and replicate the issue and describe it to you in full detail to reproduce but... I'm no longer having this issue, the hostname changes properly now o.O (see screenshot)

    Since saturday, I added a proper USB hard drive and configured OMV with shared folders, SMB shares and FTP access. I also changed the timezone from EU/London to EU/Warsaw, moving the clock forward an hour. Additionally, on Raspbian I installed ZeroTier, etherwake and hd-idle, along with packages required to build the last one (build-essential, fakeroot, debhelper). I don't remember doing any other changes...

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