Problem with user rights

  • Hi OMV-community,

    directly to my question.

    I installed Jdownloader2 in docker. The downloads are in a shared folder.

    I have no users. Everybody in ma home network can do everything.

    The Jdownloader is creating the downloaded files with root.

    Because of that i can't move the files with normal user until i changed the rights in the Folders with chmod 777

    is there any way to
    a.Change the user from Jdownloader from root to normal user or
    b. give every guest root?

    The only way i see is to make a skript that change the folderrights every minute. :S

    Thanks for your help,

  • Create at least one user. Perhaps call it simply "default" or "user". Use this user for everything. Make it a member of the group "users".

    Specify in the jd2 docker that it should run as this user and group, not as root. Uid and gid.

    Then everything should just work.

    I don't think OMV is very usable unless you have at least one user created.

    Typically you have several users. For instance one for a privileged user with full access that can use sudo and ssh in to OMV, for normal users with full access to some shares and only read access to other, and for a guest user account with only limited read access to some shares.

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  • Here are my settings.

    is there anything wrong?

    I made all options excactly like i saw it in a tutorial and he did not used gid.
    There was only Uid and PID. I also wrote now gid=100 and test it tomorrow.

  • It depends on the docker image you use if the parameters are used correctly (your entered lange of the variables uid and pid seem incorrect) . Check the documentation of the docker image.
    Also it’s best practice to use the actual folder paths in the volume section such as /srv/dev-disk-by-label-something/... instead of /sharedfolders/.... There have been issues with the sharedfolders in the past.

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