5.0.5 - Is this beta?

  • As per the subject, is this beta? There is nothing in the file that identifies it as beta.

    If it is NOT beta, is there a way I can upgrade my current system to 5.0.5 without having to do a re-install?

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  • Current status is OMV 5.3.2 is still BETA and no one knows why. Even the main developer is just saying he would like to make the release stable as soon as possible, giving no further information what the problem is. Many people here are already using omv 5 as it is actually stable. Beta seems to be some kind of magical official status thing.

  • 5.0.1 was beta. The current 5.3.2 release would be a a release candidate in my opinion.

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  • Yes, OMV 5 is still beta. OMV 4 is the current released version of OMV.

    But it seems that many are already using OMV 5 for "production" installs. OMV 5 has been in beta for a long time and seem pretty stable. I still use only OMV 4 for real installs, not just testing.

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