heimdall - how do YOU use it - give me your 2 cents ;)

  • I know what you mean. When you start with a diy nas, Linux, Networking, docker etc. it’s quite overwhelming. But if you have questions the community here on the forum is friendly and helpful. Also response time is very short most of the time.
    maybe you should change your isp.

    ya my experience with the forums has been great, very friendly and welcoming atmosphere... and i agree KM, that policy is a little insane so changing ISP's is most definitely in the running now but where i am at, cox communications is the cable/tv/internet leader (by far) so i'll have to weight the pro's and cons. as of now, switching just to be able to forward ports isn't enough to make me wanna change but i'll look into it more, who knows, maybe i can save money by switching to the competitor!

    sorry for filling up your thread draddy with posts unrelated to the topic but i use heimdall as my homepage to firefox too! seemed like the best way to get the most use out of it

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