Seems I'm unable to install Updates for First Time.

  • Hello,

    Had some issues installing OMV5 but after some research, I was able to successfully install OMV5. Per TechnoDadLife, everything had gone in accord until the 1st update (update management) or it seems, this is what I see;


    default-logind | logind | libpam-systemd ncurses-term proftpd-doc


    iso-codes python3-contier debconf- utils attr samba-dsdb-modules

    libgfapi0 libpam-systemd libnss-systemd

    E: could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resources Temporary Unavailable)

    E: Unable to lock directory var/cache/apt/archives/

    <<< *********************************************************

    Not sure what it means, but seems there's something wrong

    Any advice, will be appreciated.


  • During installation I belive an update is scheduled to run automatically. If you try to update at the same time, it will fail, as you saw. Apt is already running in the background. The fix is to drink a glass of water, feed the cat and do the dishes. After that it will work fine. Or at the very least you will get some other error...

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