Install OMV on a PC and then switch HDD to a Server

  • Hi there,

    I'm using OMV v 2.2.14 on a DELL Server with:

    • two HDD in Mirroring
    • one HDD for the OS

    But to impossibility to install the lates update and due to the risk of upgrading my system I thought to start a new fresh installation of OMV.

    To do that, I bought a new HDD for the OS (so in case of troubles, I can reuse the previous version of OMV).

    Since the OMV server hosts file of my company I'm tring to find the best approach to start the fresh installation:

    • Stop the server, install the new HDD and start the OMV installation process.
    • Install the new HDD in a PC, install OMV and after that move the HDD to the server.
      In this way I can configure the new OMV coping the configuration from the Server (read the parameters for the server an write it in the PC).

    My concerns are about the hardware detected during the installation.
    What happens if I follow the 2nd approach when I move the HDD to the server? The OS find a different HW and so...?

    The ther question is: Is it possbile to export the OMV configuration (Raid configuration, User, OpenVPN certificates, notification settings, email settings, ...) and import it in the new OMV?

    Thanks for the help!

    Best regards,

  • #1

    Shut down the server
    Pull the old OS drive, and pull the power cables for the RAID drives.
    Install new OS drive
    Install OMV to new OS drive
    Boot new install and install any updates (apt update, apt upgrade, apt dist-upgrade.. don't skip this step or you will have problems when you connect your RAID in the next step).
    Shutdown, connect power cables to RAID drives.
    Boot up, mount the RAID under filesystems.
    Add your shares, services, users, etc. back to the OS.

    Unless you have a ton of shares, users, services, etc. to configure... I can't imagine you being down more than an hour.

  • Hi KM0201,

    thnaks to the reply.

    I'll follow your detailed instructions.

    Thank you and best regards,

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