Letsencrypt plugin to Letsencrypt docker

  • Hi, I'm using the letsencrypt OMG plugin to secure my FTP server, but I want to install Nextcloud on it now. In the excellent guide from macom, everything is done with letsencrypt docker and now I have the following questions.

    1. Would the guide also work with the letsencrypt plugin or is docker a must?

    2. Can I transfer the existing cert and configuration from the plugin to docker?

  • 1: the guide is using the inbuilt reverse proxy in the letsencrypt container. The reverse proxy service doesn’t start until the certificate is successfully obtained. You world have to set up your own reverse proxy. But I would advise you to switch over to docker because the plugin will be gone in omv5.

    2: Not sure, probably not.

  • How can i use the cert i got from the letsencrypt docker, to use it with the ftp plugin? With the plugin i could just select it, but now i dont see any available

    Would a ftp docker in general make more sense or offer other benefits?

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